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Better patient management with Inca Clinic and Chatter

There are a couple of common questions asked by prospective customers when we’re doing demos of Inca Clinic, such as:  ‘Can I upload files to the Patient Record? ‘ – the answer of course is ‘Yes’, and we demonstrate how to upload a document to a Patient Record via the Chatter Feed.  Then there’s the question:  ‘Can I create tasks linked with the Patient?’ – again the answer is ‘Yes’, and again we show how to create a task via the Chatter Feed on the Patient Record.

Wait, Chatter Feed?  What’s the Chatter Feed?  Why is it useful in Inca Clinic?

Chatter is part of the underlying Salesforce platform upon which Inca Clinic is built. Chatter has evolved from a simple idea that allowed users to post comments on a record, to a feature-rich component that further allows users to associate all kinds of documents and activities with a record, for example, to create a task for a patient, to link a patient record to the latest data sheets of a vaccine, a consultation and so on.

Patient Record Chatter Feed

Chatter Feed on a Patient record

So what exactly can you do with Chatter?  Here’s a breakdown of the different options (the first four appear by default, the other four need to be added):

  • Post

    Use this to make a comment on the record, e.g. ‘Patient will bring Yellow Book on next visit’. If you want to ensure a specific person or group gets this message, type the ‘@’ symbol and then start typing that person/group’s name.  This will appear as ‘@Richard Boyd’.  By doing this, that user or group gets a notification of your comment by email.

  • File

    This allows you to upload a document either directly from your computer or from the document library in Inca Clinic. You can also insert a comment about the file and use the @ comment to let others know about the update. Anyone ‘Following’ the record will get a notification. For example, if a new PGD or clinical protocol has been created for a vaccine, upload the document and use the Comments field to inform users.

  • Link

    This is useful for you to create a link to a web site. Use this on Products records to create a link about a vaccine, or on Accounts records to create a link to a corporate customer.

  • Poll

    Want to get your users’ views on something? Polls let you ask a question and give users a choice of response. This is probably more suitable to Chatter groups than individual records.

  • Task

    This option gives you the ability to create a task associated with the record, for example to follow-up lab results for a patient. You can create a deadline, and even assign the task to someone else, or to a group of people, using the ‘Assigned To’ field.

  • Log Call 

    A simple way to log that a call was made to a patient or supplier etc.

  • Question

    This is most suited to Chatter Groups.  Let’s say you had a question on the best procedure for administering a vaccine.  People can answer, and vote, on the best response.  As you post new Questions, Inca Clinic searches for similar questions to save you time – no point asking the same thing twice.

  • Note

    At first this appears to be similar to a Post, the key difference being that you can control how you view the information contained in the note.  This can be limited to the creator of the note only, or to a group or a number of individuals. This is ideal for patient records, as it ensures that sensitive medical data is protected.

A feed on a Patient record, or any other record in Inca Clinic, may look like this:  a mix of tasks, notes and comments

Feed Content

Feed Content


Following people, groups and records

When you expand the Feed Bar you’ll see a ‘Follow’ icon on the right. Clicking this allows you to get a notification if anything happens on that record.  Let’s say you are waiting for an important set of results for a patient.  By following the record, you’ll get a notification as soon as something changes.

You can also follow other people in your clinic or groups; collaborating and following improves communication in your clinic and keeps everyone up to date.

Next Steps

Chatter provides a lot of options and benefits.  If you’d like to talk to us about developing a strategy around Chatter in Inca Clinic, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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