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Which edition is best for me?

This handy table will help you decide which edition of Inca Clinic is best for you. ┬áIf you’re just starting out providing travel vaccines or vaccination services then the Pay per Use (PPU) can be a good place to start. If you’re more established, the standard Pay per License (PPL) is most probably a better option. Think of it like a mobile phone you can either pay as you as you go (PPU) or pay a fixed fee (PPL).

Enterprise Edition is designed for pharmacy chains and large clinic networks and includes a number of exclusive features and services.

For customers based in the UK we also offer a complete Travel Health solution which offers a combination pf 18 PGDs, Online Training, Inca Clinic and clinical support services. This service is tailored to each customers requirements and preferences. Learn more…

For General Practice & Independent Pharmacy
I would like to grow the service and currently provide travel and other vaccine services as demand dictates.
Established Service Provider
I set aside all or several dedicated times in my appointment diary to my travel clinic and I also provide other related services.
Multi-Site Pharmacy or Travel Clinic
We provide travel vaccines and other services around vaccines and patient assessments. We operate in more than one location and set aside all or a significant amount of time to these services.
We're a large chain or franchise
We operate travel health, vaccine and related services across many locations directly or with local partners. We need a more tailored service.
Inca Clinic and PGD provision
UK Only
Available to UK Pharmacies only this is full Travel Health and Vaccination solution. The service includes Online Training, 18 PGDs and Inca Clinic. We create a service tailored to your requirements
Inca Clinic Editions?

Depending on your requirements Inca Clinic comes in number of editions that suit your needs and size.

Pay per Use (PPU)
Patient Record
Travel Itinerary
Vaccine Scheduling & Administration
- 1 Medical Centre
- Max 5 Users
1 Credit
- Create New Patient = 1 credit
- Administration Vaccines = 4 credits
Includes 3 Users.
Patient Record
Travel Itinerary
Vaccine Scheduling & Administration
Health Assessments
No transaction fees
*Minimum purchase 3 Users billed annually
Standard Plus
All the features of Standard
Appointments and Rostering
Online Patient Booking
*Minimum purchase 3 Users billed annually.
All the features of 'Standard Plus'
Additional Configuration
Consultancy Services
On-Site Training

More questions?

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