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Franchise Edition

Inca Clinic Franchise Edition

There are many examples of travel clinic networks created using a franchise style model. Typically, the owner of a core set of clinics (the Franchisor) wants to scale their network of clinics rapidly and without the attendant risks or problems attached to rapid organic growth or expansion. However, creating a franchise around your knowledge and ‘know-how’ in travel medicine has its own challenges. You want to attract new franchisees and help them grow their travel clinic at all stages of development – from those just starting to provide the service to experienced ‘old-hands’.

There are a couple of key components that help create a successful travel clinic franchise; good clinical protocols, favourable vaccine supply agreements, a good web site and so on. The most successful franchises, however, also have great technology that underpins the running of the clinic network. Until now, the only option was to build your own software – a very expensive process. Inca Clinic Franchise Edition removes the costly and time consuming risk of building an in-house solution.

Why choose Inca Clinic?

At Incaplex, we know what it takes to build a successful travel clinic network, as our founder and CEO, Richard Boyd, helped use technology to build and run a successful travel clinic franchise for over 15 years. Combined with our skilled software engineers and business team we can help you build your network of clinics.

What are the benefits to Inca Clinic Franchise Edition?
  • We help you structure a business model that makes good economic sense to you and your members
  • Build and protect your brand. We provide branded logins and other branding options within the application.
  • We remove the burden of technical support letting you focus on travel medicine
  • With centralised control you can ensure all members are using current protocols, ensuring good clinical practice and protecting your reputation
  • Be at the forefront of innovation. We work with leading clinics around the world, listening to their input and incorporating these into Inca Clinic. Become part of this collaboration and benefit from it.
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What is Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic is a complete Patient Vaccine tracking and management application that runs on the Internet. You can manage patient vaccine schedules, take online bookings, complete health assessment questionnaires, manage stock, prescribe medication and much more.

Our team includes people with 16 years experience in vaccine management services.

Inca Clinic is used by pharmacies, travel clinics, and occupational health providers around the world.

What are the Requirements?

Inca Clinic runs on the web, and is accessible through any modern browser - such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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