Patient Vaccine Schedule Tracking and Health Assessments - for Pharmacies, Travel Clinics, Occupational Health and more

Healthcare Sectors

Inca Clinic has a set of core capabilities that can be used by different types of healthcare settings, including:

  • Travel Clinics: accurate travel health assessments and travel itinerary documentation, along with features to maximise clinic revenue.
  • Pharmacies: general purpose vaccine management (e.g., flu) and travel health allowing pharmacists to adhere to clinic protocols such as PGD’s.
  • Corporates: demonstrate good corporate governance by ensuring employees are accurately assessed and correctly vaccinated for travel and placement overseas.
  • Public Health Service Providers: manage national or regional records for large numbers of patients.
  • Occupational Health: design health assessments such a pre-employment or deployment medicals. Manage critical vaccines such as Hepatitis B and other vaccines related to occupational health.

Inca Clinic and be tailored to align with the needs and practices of your healthcare sector. For example:

  • Vaccines can be added configure to conform to national or clinic policies,
  • Defining health assessments that ask the important questions of patients, and have the answers added to the patients’ records,
  • Using the roster and appointments system to allow patients book online and/or frontdesk staff to make bookings,
  • Care Pathways ensure clinical users follow the same process for a given type of consultation.

These are just some of the many ways in which Inca Clinic can be configured to deal with different needs.

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What is Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic is a complete Patient Vaccine tracking and management application that runs on the Internet. You can manage patient vaccine schedules, take online bookings, complete health assessment questionnaires, manage stock, prescribe medication and much more.

Our team includes people with 16 years experience in vaccine management services.

Inca Clinic is used by pharmacies, travel clinics, and occupational health providers around the world.

What are the Requirements?

Inca Clinic runs on the web, and is accessible through any modern browser - such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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