Patient Vaccine Schedule Tracking and Health Assessments - for Pharmacies, Travel Clinics, Occupational Health and more

How to Manage Vaccines

Inca Clinic provides some powerful features around the management of Vaccine Products. For a start Inca Clinic comes preloaded with over 40 of the most commonly used travel vaccines on the market. Of course your clinic may have access to local vaccine brands or you may want to change the details of the preloaded vaccines.

We have published a new video which gives a complete ‘How to…’ on managing vaccines in Inca Clinic. It shows you how to associate diseases the vaccine covers, contraindications, schedules. It finishes off by showing you how to order stock. Its part of a series of tutorial videos that help you learn the product.


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What is Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic is a complete Patient Vaccine tracking and management application that runs on the Internet. You can manage patient vaccine schedules, take online bookings, complete health assessment questionnaires, manage stock, prescribe medication and much more.

Our team includes people with 16 years experience in vaccine management services.

Inca Clinic is used by pharmacies, travel clinics, and occupational health providers around the world.

What are the Requirements?

Inca Clinic runs on the web, and is accessible through any modern browser - such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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