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Making the right start. A case study on Jabs Travel Clinic


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When Jabs Travel Clinic opened its doors in November 2012 they already had Inca Clinic up and running and ready to use with their first patients. Jane and Adele, both experienced travel clinic nurses, stepped out to the NHS to set up Jabs Travel Clinics in Caterham, located just south of the Greater London area.

The mission of Jabs Travel Clinic is to really help people to travel safely and reduce the risk of getting ill while overseas. The Clinic combines five key elements, which forms the foundation of its service and is based on the knowledge and experience of its two founders.

  • Give up to date and simple to follow travel advice
  • Administer the correct immunisations that suit a patient’s travel arrangements
  • Allow patient’s to book convenient appointment times including evenings and weekends
  • Arrange easy payment plans, so you don’t have to pay for all your vaccines up front
  • Jabs Travel Clinic can even travel to you

“We didn’t want paper records!”

Having worked with paper based systems and general purpose GP Software in other clinics Jane and Adele wanted to avoid the shortcomings of these options. As Inca Clinic is designed specifically for travel clinics it met all their requirements. Jane said “We could see that Inca Clinic was right for us even though we were just starting out. It was very easy to use, with lots of features we could grow into overtime as our practice developed.”  Jabs Travel Clinic were able to easily configure Inca Clinic to fit with the needs of their travel clinic, and since then they have been able to use it to expand their service into flu and other types of vaccines.

One year on

Jabs Travel Clinic has been running for well over a year, so what’s been their experience of Inca Clinic? “Obviously starting out we were concious of every penny, but we felt Inca Clinic was worth the investment. When renewal time came we had no hesitation signing up to Inca Clinic again. Its been invaluable to our clinic in our first year and we couldn’t imagine running the clinic without it” says Adele. Over the year they have begun working with schools, companies and charties all of which Inca Clinic has been able to accommodate.

Foundation for growth

Rome wasn’t built in a day but Jabs Travel Clinic is already becoming a leading travel clinic in its vaccinity and Inca Clinic is with them every step of the way. So whether you’re just starting out, looking to expand or part of a national chain, Inca Clinic is the right fit for you. To find out more about Jabs Travel Clinic email Jane or Adele at or visit their web site To take out a free 15 day trial of Inca Clinic visit

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What is Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic is a complete Patient Vaccine tracking and management application that runs on the Internet. You can manage patient vaccine schedules, take online bookings, complete health assessment questionnaires, manage stock, prescribe medication and much more.

Our team includes people with 16 years experience in vaccine management services.

Inca Clinic is used by pharmacies, travel clinics, and occupational health providers around the world.

What are the Requirements?

Inca Clinic runs on the web, and is accessible through any modern browser - such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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