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Pricing Options

The Standard Edition of Inca Clinic can be licensed in one of two ways. The Enterprise and Franchise Edition of Inca Clinic have a different pricing structure.

Option 1: The first pricing model is based on the number of users that will need an account on the application.  This is called Pay Per License or PPL

Option 2: The second is based on a small annual fee plus a fee that depends on how often you use Inca Clinic for certain types of transactions. This is called Pay Per Use or PPU.

Option 1: Pay Per License (PPL)

How does Per Per License work?

PPL is calculated based on the number of named users (Mary, John, Jack, etc.) who you need to login to Inca Clinic.

This is the most cost effective option for medium and large clinics (we have estimated that it is more cost effective for clinics that see more then 100 or 120 travel vaccine patients a month).

How Much Does Pay Per License Cost?

The basic license pack includes 3 users for €100 per month*. Additional licenses start at €45 per users per month for the Standard Edition of Inca Clinic, and includes the Appointments and Online Booking Module*

Option 2: Pay Per Use (PPU)

The Pay per Use pricing option involves a small annual fee and also pre-paying for transaction credits, just like a prepaid mobile phone. With a prepaid mobile phone you might pay 10c per text and 20c per phone call. Another way of looking at this is that a text costs 1 credit and a phone call 2 credits.

This is a good option for very small clinics (we have estimated that it is more cost effective for clinics that see less than 100 or 120 travel vaccine patients a month). For some people it is also a good way to get started with Inca Clinic.

How Much Does Pay Per Use Cost?

With PPU, a transaction credit costs €0.50. 1 credit (50c) is charged when a new patient is created and 4 credits (€2.00) are charged when a set of vaccines are administered in the same consultation (e.g., when the “Confirm Administration” button is clicked on the Vaccine Administration screen). When it’s time to “Top-Up” your credit you need to purchase a minimum of 300 credits (€150), or in steps of 50 transaction credit above that.

In addition, under the Pay per Use pricing model you get 5 Users for which there is annual charge €350. If you need additional users there is annual fee of €50 per user.

So in the first year your total start up cost for 3 Users is €350 + €150 (for 300 credits). This should give you enough credits for around 70 to 80 travel consultations. There is no obligation to ‘top-up’ and if you want to keep your account active in a “read only” state you just need to pay the €350 annual fee.

I’m interested, how to do I get started?

Just go ahead and sign-up for a 15 day free trial. One of sales team will then be in touch.

Hang on, I have more questions?

If this doesn’t cover all your questions please read through our FAQ section, or contact us and we will be happy to assist.

*Billed Annually. All prices are stated ex-VAT which may apply depending on your location. Some features and modules incur additional license fees

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What is Inca Clinic

Inca Clinic is a complete Patient Vaccine tracking and management application that runs on the Internet. You can manage patient vaccine schedules, take online bookings, complete health assessment questionnaires, manage stock, prescribe medication and much more.

Our team includes people with 16 years experience in vaccine management services.

Inca Clinic is used by pharmacies, travel clinics, and occupational health providers around the world.

What are the Requirements?

Inca Clinic runs on the web, and is accessible through any modern browser - such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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