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UK Pharmacy – PGD and Training Services

In conjunction with Hibernian Healthcare UK, Incaplex now offers a complete vaccine solution for UK Pharmacists, everything you need is included, including training, PGD provision and patient record management. The solution is tailored to your needs and budget and build around your brand.

Whether you’re just starting, or looking to switch provider we can tailor a solution that meets your needs. The graphic below outlines all the components required to successfully provide travel health and other vaccine services in your pharmacy.

Complete Vaccination Solution

Service Components

There are 3 core components Inca Clinic, online training and 18 authorised PGDs. This is supported by a clinical advice and private prescription (PSD) service.

You can then opt for any combination of additional services depending on your needs and budget. For example if the pharmacist is experienced in giving flu vaccines they will have already covered CPR and injection technique and will not need this aspect of the service.

Core Components
Component Description
Inca Clinic A comprehensive web-based travel health and vaccine management application. Inca Clinic is capable of managing all aspects of the patient’s journey from appointment booking, patient record management, health assessments, vaccine scheduling and administration. Built on Inca Clinic is robust scalable and NHS IG compliant and is hosted in UK Data Centres.
Online Training Covers core travel health, vaccine and malaria medication education. This is a self paced training course which allows the pharmacist to fit training around their busy schedules. Pharmacists that pass the online training program will be issued with the core 18 PGDs.
18 PGDs
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A + Typhoid
  • Tetanus / Diptheria / Polio
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis ACWY
  • Rabies (pre-exposure)
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Cholera
  • Oral Typhoid
  • Tick Borne Encephalitis
  • Yellow Fever
  • Paediatric Hepatitis A
  • Paediatric Hepatitis B
  • Paediatric Tick Borne Encephalitis
  • Atovaquone / Proguanil
  • Doxycycline
  • Mefloquine
Phone Advice and PSD service Pharmacist seeing patients with complex medical conditions can avail of the PSD service and/or seek advice. Usage is free but subject to a monthly allowance.

Depending on your requirements you can opt to include any of the following, additional fees apply.

Optional Components
Component Description
CPR and Injection Technique 1 Day classroom based training on CPR and Injection technique. ½ Day refresher course every 2 years.
Clinical Configuration Configuration of vaccines, medication and contraindications to align with PGDs. Review and maintainence of country and disease recommendations. Combined with the Core Service this effectively outsources the entire travel clinic and vaccine service for you.
Customisation and Consultancy Inca Clinic is built on Salesforce meaning it can be customised and configured to meet particular requirements. In addition we can educate and help implement proven models and strategies for optimising your travel clinic patient through put.

Pricing Options

Our pricing* structure is extremely competitive in comparison to other providers, contact us for more details.

Indicative pricing examples:

Annual charge

Under this model you subscribe to Inca Clinic based on the Standard, Standard Plus or Enterprise pricing structures.

Once the Online Training has been successfully completed the 18 PGDs are charged for on annual bases.

Initial Online Training (once off) – £675 per pharmacist

Annual fee for 18 authorised PGDs – £750 per pharmacist

Annual Online Refresher Training – £125 per pharmacist

Revenue share

There is a low once-off step up cost. The cost of Inca Clinic, online training and PGDs are covered by a per-vaccine administration fee.

This model is suitable to all sizes of organisations from independent pharmacists to enterprise size customers. For example medium to large pharmacy chains can cost effectively provide vaccination services in smaller outlets or scale up and down as demand dictates.

Other fees and charges

Optional components are charged separately.

Next Step

Contact us and we will provide you with the following:

  • Detailed pricing and business model
  • Free online demonstration of Inca Clinic
  • Free access to an Online Training model


*Prices are ex-VAT